Event Photos Make Great Event Souvenirs

A photo booth at your business event will bring fun and help people remember your business name.

Photo booths or instant portraits help  entertain customers and can give you contact information for follow-up communication. Photos in customers hands with your logo and maybe a timed special offering is the way to make impressions last. Wichita has a strong business heritage with many national success stories and you should be on that list.

Entertained customers will have favorable memories and souvenirs We have many options and can incorporate modern "wow factors" to help make the experience more fun and memorable. Some of these are slide shows, interactive green screens, surveys, layout selections which can have coupons, and various contest options.

When the event is over you will have access to the contact information provided by visitors.

If you are still not sure please consider these additional points and options which we can provide.

Very Affordable Booth Rental Rates

We will work with you to try to fit within a budget. You can rent a booth by the hour or the day. It really depends upon when you expect maximum traffic flow. Features such as: custom branding on all output and social media postings as well as custom signs does not increase the cost other than sign printing. We are happy to work with you to create unique lighting effects and some fun pranks to keep it lively.    

Giving customers entertainment vs brochures moves the mood from all business to entertainment.

Even an office party will benefit from a booth rental by promoting team and work group interaction. For sales events it gives you a chance to draw people in and then use contact information to follow-up. Our contest mode encourages interaction.
With our survey capability you can learn about what people want to know and their perceptions of your booth.

A low stress addition to your event.

Schedule the booth with us and your job is done other than to coordinate power requirements and approve the print design. You have a lot of decisions to make in the planning process and working with professionals makes that easier.

Immediate Posting To Social Media Advertises the Event While it is Happening

Social media posting is especially important for events which are open to the public. Posting will advertise your event and may bring more people to the event. Even after the event social media will help with product promotion. Please note that from the photo booth does require a reliable network connection. We will need to discuss this with the venue.

A Green Screen Makes People Curious

Green screen photo booths are perfect for businesses that want something to stand out. When people see a green screen it makes them want to come over and see what is happening. Great image options combined with some fun interaction will make it a hit.

For a Fashion Event we have Glam Photo Options

A feature made popular by the Kardashians, a glam booth uses special lighting and cameras options to make all of the images have that Hollywood look. It makes everyone look their best and adds a touch of luxury to any event.
The output images can be in color or b&w and will have a flattering glow to them. This addition is great for an upper echelon of clientele.

Add a QR Code For Photo Download or Website Linking

QR codes are everywhere and are a great way to add a modern twist to the photo booth experience. With a QR code, guests can scan the code and have their photos sent directly to their phones or go to a special web page for a promotional link.
This is perfect for businesses that want to encourage social media engagement or to promote an eco-friendly message. They still get all the photos and you can save money by not needing printing at the event.

Contest Modes add Excitement

Contests excite people and when the photo booth has a prize possibility people will be drawn to use it. Our booth software can randomly pick winners or you can choose winners from your phone. The winner then can get a special printout while lights or sounds are going off. This is an excellent choice for Vegas style events.

Allow Guests to Pick Their Favorite Photo

This feature enables the user to select their favorite photo. Take 3 or 4 photos and then let them pick the "best pose" before it prints. This feature will make you a big hit at formal events such as dances, black tie affairs and it recommended for single photo print templates. This works especially well with group photos.


Business Pricing

Many of these features take a lot of time to customize and setup. Business events are offered on a quote basis only.
Please contact us to discuss your event.

Social Media Only Weekend Rentals

Social media only rentals take up less space and the images will likely be seen on-line which increases the number of impressions for your business.

$500 for two Days and
$85 a day after the first two days

Printing Photo Booths with Social Media

These are our full service booths. We will train you on booth usage and your staff can run the booth. Our packages assume a 8 hour time frame.

$800 for two Days
$100 a day after the first two days

Per print pricing is also available

Show your customers that you want the best for them.