You Want us for Our Experience and Creative Options

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Quality is our passion. This quality goes beyond the digital cameras and professional lighting and extends to our attendants. We truly want your guests to have a good time and great photos. Weddings, proms, and reunions are popular events for photo booths. Our operators will work to adjust the camera and fill the frame with your guests.

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Professionals provide:

  • Experience - Several of our attendants have over 8 years of experience. They are there because they enjoy the job.
  • Dedication - We do photo booths and event photography. We do not rent limos, play music, or worry about the venue. Your guests are our only concern!
  • Quality - We use digital cameras and studio style lighting. This will give you a better photo than a webcam or iPad. We also adjust the camera for better composition.
  • Props - Yes, we have some inexpensive props and we also some unique props to customize events.


Themed photo booth green screen backgroundYou want to make sure you get select a company that is right for you and your venue. There are many styles of photo booths and some will fit better with your event decorations, be sure to ask the right questions when shopping around. Here are a list of common questions that we are often asked.

Appearance & Experience 

Whether it is your wedding, corporate event, birthday party, or other event you spent a lot of time and money to make sure every detail looks amazing. We have several styles of photo booths and we will work with you to come up a design which compliments your wedding or special event.

Our Rentals Include:
1) Flexible delivery and set-up at times,
2) Unlimited number of sessions.
3) A photo booth attendant who cares about picture quality and being entertaining to your guests.
4) A copy of all the pictures from the photo booth in a 6x4 printable format.

Pick a photo booth company who your guests will enjoy.



Additional Ideas to make your photo photo booth more unique.

  • Different background ideas. Some couples will choose to make their own backgrounds. These can be floral prints, chalk boards, unusual curtain arrangements, or old wood props. If you decided to go with a step and repeat style background be sure to buy a type made for photography. Cheap ones are highly reflective and will not photograph well.
  • Photo stand-ups and face signs. These stand-ups can be ordered from companies such as Life Size Custom Cutouts
  • Chalk boards which allow people to create their own signs.
  • Unique props - Vintage props or props which are a part of who the couple is make great props for the photos.
  • Green screen technology offers a lot of character and opportunity for unique images. Your guests can even interact with the green screen for more fun.
  • Layout selection. If you are having a scrap book for the pictures you can have your guests select their own layout choice. This will give your scrap book more color variety and your guests more interaction.
  • Build a complete scene. Take an idea from Hollywood and build a set which gives the photo booth a whole different look than just a backdrop.

Photo Booth ideas?

Here is a partial list of things we think would set photo booth experience apart.