Prom planning is here and we are ready to entertain the kids. If you book us in February you can get a $50 discount.

Just past prom season will be graduation parties. We will have special packages posted for those at the end of February.


You worked hard to create a quality event so don't cut corners on entertainment?   You want your guests to have fun and the photo booth creates a fun interactive experience for your guests. Your guests will be sharing their photo prints for months after the event. You will have the satisfaction of knowing you threw the best party for your guests!

Fun is our goal. We are proud of the quality of our photos and we will work to make sure that everyone has fun when they visit the photo booth.

We have various photo booth options. One booth is made from an antique camera. Your guests will not see a booth which anyone else has because ours are all unique. We will also work to match our prop selection to match a corporate, party, or wedding event. We have ideas for:
* birthday parties * quinceaneras *weddings *bat/bar-mitzvahs * and your celebration


We like working with schools and non-profit organizations. Our typical discount for these groups is $50 off a 3 hour package.

Visit our packages page or contact us today to talk about your celebration.

Business related events often have some additional needs. For business events we have some special packages and suggestions. These booths can be branded with your business information and even has contest options.




Do you want quality pictures?

Quality pictures does not happen accidentally. Our first step was to use a DSLR camera. Web cams like found in many booth designs simply don't have the capability to capture quality images like a camera. From the image capture selection we moved to our choice of how to light the guests. Just like in a photography studio we use a studio light mounted above the camera and bouncing the light off an umbrella to achieve a studio style of lighting. Our final quality choice was to train our operators to work with guests to build excitement and to make adjustments to the camera to fill the frame with your guests.

Quality is a decision.



A photo booth provides entertainment?

A photo booths helps guests interact with each other and is a fun activity. When you receive your copy of the images you will see the fun that they had at your event.

Why Wichita Photo Booths?

With 14 years of experience we have worked at most major events in the Wichita area. We have all kinds of ideas for your event. We will work to make sure we are a memorable part of the party.

Now What?

Key 2023 dates are filling - To guarantee a booth for your event please contact us and let's start planning fun.


Fun Events for Photo Booths


In-Home Parties

We have options which do not take up a lot of space and do not require an operator. These are great for anniversary parties, graduation parties, or themed parties where people may be in costume. Our small size booths can fit anywhere.

Week-Day Business Events

Many companies will have small celebrations during the week to celebrate milestones, employee morale building, or for an open-house. Why not preserve the fun with photos?

With social media posting or photo slide shows guests will have a great time.

Fund Raising

Guests should not have to pay to use a booth. If you have a fund raising event you can work with sponsors to have the booth branded with their name. We can also print random coupons, and do many things to keep the sponsors name in front of the guests.


Challenge us. What special features would you like?

There are many features available in a photo booth which we do not list as a part of our package.

If you have heard of a feature which is not listed please ask about it. We have three of the major booth software packages available so there is a good chance we can add that cool feature that you liked.
Ask us questions and tell us what you would like.